Saving organs so transplant teams can save lives

Nobody should die waiting for a new organ

Far too many patients do not receive the help they need in time due to the acute shortage of transplantable organs. At XVIVO, we’re determined to change this.

Our firm belief is that nobody should die waiting for a new organ. As world leaders in organ transplantation, we work every day to turn this belief into reality by extending the life of organs. Through our innovative offering we allow clinicians and researchers around the world push the boundaries of organ transplantation.

All to give people everywhere new hope – and a new day.

Latest news

    Clinically proven technologies for ex-vivo organ preservation

    XVIVO’s innovative technologies and services enable clinicians and researchers around the world to preserve, transport and assess organs outside the body.
    All to give more patients the chance to receive a life-saving transplant.

    XVIVO’s technologies are designed to

    Increase organ utilization, thereby reducing waitlist mortality

    Extend organ preservation time

    Enable organ assessment

    Improve outcomes

    Our products & services

    Our offering includes machine perfusion technologies for kidneys, livers, and lungs, a solution for cold static storage of lungs, as well as organ recovery and perfusion services.

    XVIVO Products XVIVO Services


    Kidney Assist Transport™

    A portable device that allows hypothermic pulsatile perfusion of donor kidneys with oxygenated solution for up to 24 ho...

    Liver Assist™

    Provides clinicians a choice of perfusion protocols, whether it’s hypothermic (HOPE or DHOPE), normothermic, sub-normoth...


    A comprehensive EVLP platform that offers an overview of the entire process.

    PERFADEX® Plus

    Trusted by more than 90% of all transplantation clinics, and the standard treatment in lung transplants.

    Xvivo Organ Perfusion

    Organ perfusion

    Organ perfusion, also called machine perfusion, is an innovative alternative to static cold storage. During organ perfusion, the organ is connected to a perfusion device that continuously supplies the organ with an oxygenated solution through the blood vessels. By doing so, the perfusion process helps to support the organ’s cellular function and prevent tissue damage while it is outside the body.

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    XVIVO Academy

    XVIVO Academy

    XVIVO Academy is a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. Here you’ll find everything from webinars and articles to instructional videos and customized training sessions to make you more familiar with organ perfusion and the XVIVO offer.

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    Sustainability is in our DNA

    Sustainability is in our DNA

    Discover XVIVO’s commitment to sustainability, with a focus on saving lives, enhancing transplantation outcomes, improving quality of life, and positively influencing health economics.

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