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Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is a natural part of our business. Our products and services enable more lives to be saved, increases quality of life and improves health economics.

We are driven by our vision:

Nobody should die
waiting for a new organ

Icon with hand and heart

Our contribution makes a difference

During 2023


lungs perfused allowing for increased organ utilization

9 500**

lungs preserved with static cold storage


kidneys perfused allowing for optimal patient outcome

1 270*

livers perfused allowing for optimal patient outcome


of all hearts preserved in Australia using Heart Assist Transport™***


hearts and lungs recovered by XVIVO Organ Recovery Service

*Based on number of products sold for clinical use. **Based on number of products sold for clinical use, assuming 8 liters used per procurement. ***XVIVO Heart Assist Transport™ not yet commercial product.

An overview of XVIVO's sustainability work


• Renewable energy use
• Strong partnerships ensure compliance with environmental regulations in production
• Responsible travel policy
• Collaboration for efficient logistics
• Plannable distribution

Social responsibility

• Value-driven organization
• Employee commitment
• Safe & inclusive working environment
• Equal opportunities in the workplace
• Social responsibility


• Global quality processes
• Clinical trials according to GCP*-principles
• Strong relationships with suppliers
• Proactive and continuous training of internal and external partners

*Good Clinical Practises

Man by computer showing graphs

Ethical & responsible business

Good business ethics and compliance with laws and regulations are essential for XVIVO. Unethical business practices prevent sustainable economic and social development. Our standards for ethical and responsible business also apply to our suppliers, distributors, and partners.

Committed to ensuring ethical decision-making and conducting business in a socially responsible way throughout the value chain.

Important aspects

  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery behaviors
  • Respecting labor and human rights
  • Ensuring a sustainable supply chain and traceability
  • Acting with integrity
Engaged employees talking about work.

Engaged employees

Employee commitment and competence are key for XVIVO to contribute to saving more lives and improving health. Employees are also crucial for XVIVO to fulfill its business goals and act responsibly as a company.

Being a company where employees thrive in a fair, inclusive, and safe environment, and where personal development is encouraged.

Important aspects

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Gender equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Securing and developing the right competences
Innovative, high-quality products

Innovative, high-quality products

Saving lives and improving the outcomes of transplantation reduces suffering for individuals and their families. Additionally, it enhances health economics, leading to socioeconomic benefits.

Developing products that meet the needs of patients and users and ensuring the timely supply of high-quality products to customers.

Important aspects

  • Patient safety
  • Reliable supply chain
  • Clinical and user benefits
  • Continuous improvement of products

XVIVO's global contribution

With a corporate culture rooted in our purpose and with a constant strive to deliver high quality products that have the potential to change peoples lives, XVIVO mainly contributes to the following four UN Sustainable Development Goals:

3 Good health and well-being

Our product offering contributes to more lives saved and improved health

5 Gender equality

Gender equality and workplace inclusion

8 Decent work and economic growth

The health, safety, and development of our employees are critical, aligning with our commitment to sustainable economic ...

9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We are making sustantial investments in innovation and leading technologies to create long-term value for society

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