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Organ recovery as a service

The acquisition of STAR Teams in 2021 provides XVIVO with organ recovery as a service on the US market. STAR Teams are responsible for the recovery of donor organs and for transporting them to transplantation clinics where the implantation surgery is performed by the clinic’s own surgeons. STAR Teams’ surgeons are on call around the clock and have 15 years’ experience of more than 1,200 organ recoveries. They cover an area of some 40 states from the Mid West to the East Coast, comprising 70 percent of the US population. By allowing a third party to collect organs, transplant clinics can focus on their patients and increase the number of transplants. This leads to more lives being saved while also reducing costs and saving time. The number of customers is increasing rapidly in the form of transplantation clinics and OPOs (Organ Procurement Organizations) in the US. The Company’s offering currently covers heart and lung, and will also include liver and kidney in 2022.


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