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XVIVO accelerates their business in Brazil by signing a partnership contract with Contatti Medical

By selling and distributing through Contatti Medical’s well-established network in Brazil, the XVIVO market access will increase significantly. Brazil is today the world’s third largest abdominal organ transplantation market and strategically important for XVIVO. Every year there are more than 6,000 kidney transplantations in Brazil, and more than 2,000 for liver.

There are almost twice as many on the waiting list for a new kidney or liver as there are organ transplantations in Brazil. Machine perfusion is an innovative and proven technology to preserve and evaluate organs which makes more donated organs accepted for transplantation. The clinically proven Kidney Assist and Liver Assist machine perfusion devices are today marketed and sold on the Brazilian market.

“Since 1984 we have had many successful partnerships with leading global medical device companies and Contatti Medical is the market leader within our segment. This new partnership with XVIVO makes me very proud. In my opinion, their market potential is substantial and at the end of the day their unique technologies will save precious lives, which is the main goal of our industry”, says Contatti Medical’s CEO Alessandro Pallamolla.

“A few years back we began our journey in Brazil. Now when we have access to a comprehensive network of transplantation centers in Latin America’s largest country through Contatti Medical, we are confident that we will take a strong foothold there. I am happy to say that we are right on track with our strategy”, says Dag Andersson XVIVO CEO.

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