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Helping your transplant clinic preserve, transport and assess organs

Our offering includes machine perfusion technologies for kidneys, livers, and lungs, a solution for cold static storage of lungs, and organ recovery as well as perfusion services.

Kidney Assist Transport™

A portable device that allows hypothermic pulsatile perfusion of donor kidneys with oxygenated solution for up to 24 hou...

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Liver Assist™

Provides clinicians a choice of perfusion protocols, whether it’s hypothermic (HOPE or DHOPE), normothermic, sub-normoth...

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A comprehensive EVLP platform that offers an overview of the entire process.

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STEEN Solution™ 

A buffered extracellular solution intended for the assessment of isolated lungs after removal from the donor in preparat...

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PERFADEX<sup>® </sup>Plus: Used by more than 90% of transplantation clinics globally
Static cold storage

PERFADEX® Plus: Used by more than 90% of transplantation clinics globally

Our main product for static cold storage is the proprietary and patented solution PERFADEX Plus. The product has been the standard treatment in lung transplants for more than 20 years.

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FAQ – Products and services

Hypothermic machine perfusion is a technique used in organ transplantation, where a machine circulates a cold perfusion solution through the donor organ. This process helps preserve the organ outside the body by slowing metabolic activity, reducing cellular damage, and extending the time a donated organ can be kept viable ouside the body

Organs are typically stored and preserved in specialized solutions and containers designed to maintain the organ’s viability and function until transplantation. These solutions are critical for successful transplantation.

PERFADEX Plus is an extracellular, low potassium, dextran-based electrolyte preservation solution indicated for the flushing, cold static storage and transportation of isolated lungs after removal
from the donor in preparation for eventual transplantation into a recipient. PERFADEX Plus is pre supplemented with calcium ions and THAM, and thus ready to use whenever you need it.

Organ preservation time refers to the duration during which an organ can be stored outside of the body while maintaining its viability and functionality. This time frame varies depending on several factors such as the type of organ, the preservation method used, and the specific conditions under which the organ is stored. Organ preservation time is crucial in organ transplantation procedures, as it determines how long organs can be safely preserved before transplantation into a recipient. Extending organ preservation time is a key area of research in the field of organ transplantation, as it can potentially increase the availability of donor organs for patients in need.

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