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Kidney Assist Transport

Kidney Assist Transport™

Unlock the power of oxygen

XVIVO - Kidney Assist Transport
Unlock the power of oxygen

XVIVO's Kidney Assist Transport is a portable device that allows hypothermic pulsatile perfusion of donor kidneys with oxygenated solution for up to 24 hours.

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Benefits of Kidney Assist Transport™

Improved preservation

compared to SCS for DCD, DBD and ECD.

Plug & play

system for easy set-up, filling and dearing in unsterile setting.

Improved outcomes

with continuous HOPE compared to HMP in high-risk / DCD kidneys.

Improving transplantation outcomes

Hypothermic machine perfusion (HMP) is increasingly becoming standard of care when preserving and transporting kidneys for transplantation. Studies have demonstrated that standard HMP:

Significantly reduces the risk of delayed graft function, DGF, compared to static cold storage (SCS). This is true for both DBD and DCD kidneys [1].

Kidney Assist Transport leverages the clinical outcomes of standard HMP with the added benefits of continuous oxygenation, so called HOPE. The results from a multicenter, double-blinded, randomized controlled trial, comprising 106 donor pairs from DCD donors age ≥50, showed that recipients of HOPE treated kidneys at 1 year folllow-up experienced [2]:


Improved renal function


Fewer graft failures


Lowered incidence of acute rejection


Reduced incidence of severe post-transplant complications

  1. Tingle SJ, et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2019
  2. Jochmans I, et al. The Lancet, 2020

Kidney Assist Transport™ at a glance

Plug and play perfusion set that allows for easy set-up, filling and deairing in an unsterile setting.

Provides a high oxygen tension and concentration throughout the perfusion, optimizing oxygen transport efficiency.

Centrifugal pump with pressure-controlled pulsatile flow has in preclinical studies shown to support microcirculation and improve functional outcome of kidney grafts.

Eliminates the need for cannulation and protects the kidney during transport.

Principles of operation

A continuously oxygenated machine perfusion solution is pumped through the kidney at hypothermic conditions. This allows for safe preservation of deceased donor kidneys up to 24 hours.

  1. Centrifugal pump head
  2. Hollow fiber membrane oxygenator
  3. Pressure sensor
  4. Flow sensor
  5. Kidney reservoir with holder
  6. Passive cooling
  7. Temperature sensor

Kidney Assist Transport


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