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XVIVO Organ Recovery Service

Your donor organs are in safe hands with XVIVO’s Organ Recovery Service.

Organ Recovery Service

Our team of dedicated thoracic surgeons, surgical assistants, and transplant coordinators are available around the clock and have recovered more than 1,500 organs

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For assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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CAUTION: XVIVO Perfusion Service is currently available in the US only.

Peace of mind.

Organ transplantation is a complex process. Procuring the donor organ shouldn’t be.
Our dedicated team of experienced surgeons, surgical assistants and logistics
coordinators ensure a smooth and efficient recovery process.

At every step, our staff works as an extension of your internal team. We stay connected
with you from start to finish. XVIVO also provides turn-key logistics covering air and
ground transportation with our logistics partners to maximize efficiency.

And our recovery surgeons follow up with you post transplantation to ensure you
are satisfied.
This is peace of mind, delivered.


Benifits of XVIVO Organ Recovery Service

XVIVO’s organ recovery service will take your thoracic transplant program to new levels – growing volume and improving efficiency.


Experience and expertise from over 1,500 organ recoveries by our dedicated and specialized teams.


Increasing the opportunity to screen, assess, and recover more organs to ultimately save more lives.


XVIVO minimizes disruptions to planned procedures and decreases the strain on internal resources.

Only one phone call away

XVIVO offers recovery services for both heart and lung. Together with dedicated partners for air and ground transportation, XVIVO streamlines organ recovery process.

Each hub is staffed with 24/7 surgical teams including experienced thoracic surgeon and surgicial assistants.

XVIVO currently operates out of five hubs on the east coast and midwest: Winston-Salem, NC; Tampa, FL; St.Louis, MO; Connecticut, CT; Indianapolis, IN. Future hubs will open as XVIVO’s Organ Recovery Service expands to new geographies in the USA.

The XVIVO Organ Recovery Process

Streamlining the process between donor and recipient

1. Referral

• XVIVO is notified by a transplant center upon organ acceptance.
• XVIVO completes all phases of recovery process including activation of surgical recovery team members, scheduling of organ procurement procedure with host OPO.
• Facilitating ground and air transportation

2. Evaluation*

• Recovering surgeon performs pre-recovery evaluation of organ donor prior to departure to donor hospital.
• On-site team communicates with, and provides feedback to, recipient surgeon

3. Recovery

• The surgical team recovers and preserves the donated organ
• Team works together with recipient center to ensure protocols and preferences are met

4. Delivery

• Team delivers the organ to the transplant center
• Recovering surgeon conducts follow-up on transplant recipient at regular intervals

*XVIVO provides organ recovery services. In such a capacity the team may provide an on-site assessment of the organ based on the experience of the team. The decision to transplant the organ and make a final viability assessment is the sole responsibility of the implanting surgeon.

Streamlined process

Streamlined process

XVIVO’s Organ Recovery Service operates as an on-site extension of our clinical partners – providing expertise and resources to streamline the recovery process in order to make more organs available for transplant.

Healthcare practitioners talking about a case- dummy

Robust and collaborative quality program

Quality is at the heart of XVIVO Organ Recovery Service. Organ recovery is a crucial step in transplantation – without a successful recovery there is no transplant. To ensure a high quality service, XVIVO works closely and transparently with transplant centres to establish shared quality metrics in order to continuously monitor and improve the recovery process.

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Our Partners

Reliability and safety are at the core of XVIVO’s Organ Recovery Service. We have joined forces with world-class partners to guarantee a seamless operation.

XVIVO consistently works to improve and increase our network of partners to ensure reliability and consistency in our life-saving operations.

Graph describing the amount of organ recovery cases performed.

XVIVO Organ Recovery Service in numbers

Case growth year to date

Donor locations (Last 12 months)

Meet our surgeons

Our dedicated and experienced surgeons are just a phone call away.

Bassem Ayyash

Bassem Ayyash

Base: Connecticut

Fellowship: Harvard School of Medicine (2021-2023)
Gary Dworkin

Gary Dworkin

Base: Florida

Fellowship: Medical College of Virginia (1989-91) & Cleveland Clinic (1991-92)
David A. Hormuth

David A. Hormuth

Base: Indiana/Florida

Fellowship: Medical College of Wisconsin (1988-90)
Paul Robison

Paul Robison

Base: Missouri

Fellowship: Unv. of Utah College of Medicine (1988-91)
Robert G. Strange

Robert G. Strange

Base: North Carolina

Fellowship: Medical University of South Carolina (2004-2007)
V. Eric Thompson

V. Eric Thompson

Base: Connecticut

Fellowship: Washington School of Medicine (1978-82)

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