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STEEN Solution™ 

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Xvivo - Steen Solution
Unlock the power of confidence

STEEN Solution™ is a buffered extracellular solution intended for the assessment of isolated lungs after removal from the donor in preparation for eventual transplantation into a recipient. Its purpose is to function as a physiological priming fluid and perfusate in ex-vivo lung perfusion to assess whether the lung is suitable for subsequent transplantation.

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Maintains stability of isolated lungs ex vivo

Facilitates assessment and allows for the stable perfusion of isolated lungs ex-vivo.

Promotes rational use of a limited pool of donor lungs

Allows for initially rejected lungs to be used for transplantation, expanding the pool of available organs.

Normothermic functional assessment

Allows for stable perfusion for up to 6 hours*
*Perfusion time. Up to 5 hours is allowed in the US.

STEEN Solution™ is the most frequently used solution for normothermic EVLP

STEEN Solution was used in the first-ever clinical EVLP procedure in 2000 and continues to be the most frequently used solution for normothermic EVLP.

STEEN Solution™ at a glance

STEEN Solution™ at a glance

  • Human Serum Albumin (HSA) – provides oncotic pressure preventing edema formation.
  • Dextran 40 – coats and protects the microvasculature against post-ischemic reperfusion injury.
  • Extracellular electrolyte composition (low K+) – avoids vascular spasm under normothermic conditions.
Compatible technologies 

Compatible technologies 

STEEN Solution can be used together with the XPS**, and manually with the accessories XVIVO Organ Chamber™ and XVIVO Lung Cannula.

** In the US, STEEN Solution should only be used with the XPS. It is included in the XPS Disposable Lung Kit.

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