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Unlock the power of confidence

Xvivo - XPS
Unlock the power of confidence

XPS™ is a comprehensive EVLP platform that offers an overview of the entire process. The XPS™, together with the XPS™ Disposable Lung Kit, includes all required components needed to run an EVLP.

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Benefits of XPS™

Easy operation

with all required components integrated

Complete overview

of all key parameters, trends and alarms

Extended time

for assessment, scheduling and clinical decision making

Stable perfusion

for up to 6 hours*

(*Perfusion time. Up to 5 hours is allowed in the US)

Practical advantages of XPS™

All required EVLP components integrated

XPS is a fully integrated EVLP system containing all necessary components to facilitate ex-vivo lung perfusion using STEEN Solution.

Complete overview of all key parameters, trends and alarms

Smart sequencing and continuous data recording guides the perfusionist through the EVLP protocol. Data is continuously recorded, to be evaluated for safety and control.

X-ray, CT-scan and weight scale

XPS supports X-ray, CT-scan and continuous weight monitoring during EVLP.


XVIVO Monitoring and Analysis Tool (XMAT) enables remote monitoring of data captured during the EVLP procedure.

XPS™ at a glance

XVIVO- XPS - Feature highlights

XVIVO Monitoring and Analysis Tool™ – XMAT™ 

XVIVO Monitoring and Analysis Tool™ – XMAT™ 

  • Enables remote monitoring of integrated data captured during the EVLP procedure.
  • Displaying data from XPS log files retrieved during an active case
  • Storing collected XPS data in case files for retrieval and analysis
  • Establishing network connectivity for transferring data

Everything you need to run an EVLP  

XPS Disposable Lung Kit contains all the necessary components to run a normothermic EVLP procedure on the XPS.

XPS™ Disposable Lung Kit

The single-use XPS™ Disposable Lung Kit is designed for convenience and easy operation.

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Trusted by more than 90% of all transplantation clinics, and the standard treatment in lung transplants.

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