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Third XPS sold in Australia

Third XPS™ sold in Australia

The Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, Western Australia has recently acquired an XPS from XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ). This acquisition now sees three of the four Australian hospitals participating in the adult heart and lung transplant program having access to an XPS to assist in performing EVLP (Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion).  The Fiona Stanley Hospital XPS was kindly donated by Conquer Cystic Fibrosis Inc and the Spinnaker Health Research Foundation.

XVIVO Perfusion has sold an XPS to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, Western Australia. Together with The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane and The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, this aligns three out of the four clinics forming the Australian adult heart and lung transplant program in having an XPS capacity for EVLP. The addition of the Fiona Stanley Hospital XPS System increases the opportunities to evaluate more lungs with EVLP using the XPS and STEEN Solution.  

Lung transplantation in Australia is internationally recognized and is demonstrating best practices in organ donation, organ utilisation and transplantation procedures. The transplant numbers have increased substantially in Australia over the last decade and the four clinics are now performing more than 200 lung transplants annually. This is mainly due to innovations in donor procurement, utilisation of DCD donors (donation after circulatory death), the use of EVLP and increased organ utilisation.

“Having the XPS at the hospital helps us to evaluate lungs, decrease the waiting list and help more patients in a need for lung transplantation. At our clinic we have many years of experience in lung transplantation and we presented the XPS at our 25th year anniversary of performing lung transplantation the last weekend in October”, says Dr Rob Larbalestier AO, transplantation surgeon and Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

In order to support both the increasing interest for EVLP with the XPS and STEEN Solution from all lung transplant clinics, the company has employed a Regional Business and Technical Manager for the Pacific Region (Australia & New Zealand). This direct physical presence in the Pacific region demonstrates XVIVO Perfusion’s commitment to the region and will enable closer support and contact with existing and future customers.

“We are very pleased that we have now delivered an XPS to the clinic in Perth. We are also pleased to see a growing interest in XVIVO Perfusion's products for organ preservation and organ evaluation for both lungs and heart in Australia, as the country is at the forefront of utilizing a larger proportion of donated organs,” said Dr. Magnus Nilsson, Chief Executive Officer of XVIVO Perfusion.

October 29, 2019
Magnus Nilsson
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)

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