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First XPS sold to Canada

First XPS™ sold to Canada

Vancouver Coastal Health in Vancouver is the first clinic in Canada that has decided to use the XPS™. The purpose is to start an EVLP (Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion)-program to utilize more donated lungs which will benefit patients with end stage lung diseases.

There are approximately 300 lung transplants performed every year at four clinics in Canada, whereof Vancouver on the Canadian west coast makes the second most. Clinics in Canada has already from the beginning of lung transplantation been in the research forefront and also amongst the first to employ new technology. The percentage of lung transplants after EVLP is already now probably the highest of any country in the world. The Vancouver lung transplant clinic made approximately 50 lung transplants in 2018, and will be the first in Canada to use the XPS™ with STEEN Solution™ during the EVLP.

According to the Company’s business model, the pricing strategy for capital goods, that is the EVLP machines LS™ and XPS™, is so designed that sales of capital goods do not have a significant financial impact on the Company. According to the Company’s pricing strategy, future sales of STEEN Solution™ for use in the EVLP machines and accompanying single-use items are of financial significance for the Company.

“Canada has pioneered the use of EVLP in North America, which is one reason for them having one of the highest use rates of donated lungs in the world. We are delighted that Vancouver Coastal Health decided to be the first clinic in Canada to partner with XVIVO Perfusion, using the XPS™ to enable the use more donated lungs in the western part of Canada, to the benefit of patients waiting for a lung transplant.”, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of XVIVO Perfusion.

May 3, 2019
Magnus Nilsson, CEO
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)

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