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XVIVO Organ Chamber 

XVIVO Organ Chamber™ 

Unlock the power of confidence

Xvivo - Organ Chamber
Unlock the power of confidence

The XVIVO Organ Chamber™ is a sterile single-use container intended to be used as a temporary receptacle for isolated donor lungs in preparation for eventual transplantation into a recipient.

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XVIVO Organ Chamber™ at a glance

XVIVO Organ Chamber™ at a glance

  • Supports the lungs and provides a reservoir to collect any fluids excreting from the organ.
  • Minimizes evaporation and maintains moisture within the chamber during EVLP.
  • Transparent lid allows visual inspection.
  • Pre-cut openings for secure fastening of tubing.
  • Drain port and base are designed to facilitate recycling of perfusate.
  • Opening for ventilation tubing. Made of PETG and medical-grade TPE. Does not contain DEHP or latex.

* In the US, the XVIVO Organ Chamber should only be used with the XPS. It is included in the XPS™Disposable Lung Kit.

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