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XVIVO Lung Cannula Set 

XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™

Unlock the power of confidence

Xvivo - Lung Cannula Set
Unlock the power of confidence

XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™ is a sterile single-use set that connects isolated donor lungs to an extracorporeal perfusion system for ex-vivo assessment. The cannulas create a tight connection to allow an interface and provide circulatory support to the lung.

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XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™ at a glance 

XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™ at a glance 

  • Built-in pressure lines for reliable readings and to avoid excessive hydrostatic pressure.
  • The left atrium cannula splints the left atrium open to create a reliable and consistent outflow drainage.
  • Easy to connect – with Luer lock connections.
  • Color coded to indicate PA (yellow) and LA (green) usage.
  • Designed to fit with the XVIVO Organ Chamber.
  • Material selected for optimal stability yet soft enough for running sutures. Made of PVC and medical grade TPE. Does not contain DEHP or latex.

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