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Two XPS to Florida

Two XPS™ to Florida

Two clinics in Florida have recently signed XPS™ agreements. It is estimated that delivery of XPS™ to these two clinics will take place in March.

XVIVO Perfusion’s XPS™ and STEEN Solution™ are the only approved products in the USA for evaluation of marginal lungs before lung transplantation. The products enable more lungs to be used for transplantation, which means that more patients with severe lung disease are given a higher quality and longer life. Leading clinics in the USA have obtained good clinical results when using XPS™.

Florida is one of the states in the USA with the highest population count and is ranked among the top five regarding the number of lung transplants performed in the USA. The two clinics that have each ordered an XPS™ account for approximately half of Florida’s lung transplants.

“We are very pleased that EVLP using XPS™ and STEEN Solution™ has made a breakthrough in Florida, which is one of the states in the USA that perform the most lung transplants. Naturally, we are particularly pleased that this has occurred at two clinics at the same time,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of XVIVO Perfusion.

March 19, 2015
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)

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