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XPS has received CE mark

XPS™ has received CE mark

XVIVO Perfusion has received a CE mark for its newly developed appliance for lung perfusion, XPS™ (Xvivo Perfusion System). This enables sales of XPS™ and the accompanying single-use products in Europe.

Since 2009, XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ) has developed a complete system to facilitate ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) using STEEN Solution™. With its integrated Hamilton C2 ventilator and MAQUET CardioHelp centrifugal pump, XPS™ is the most flexible and complete platform for EVLP on the market and it gives the transplantation team full control of the entire process. The system’s flexibility allows the user to choose both ventilation and perfusion strategy in accordance with the clinic’s desired protocol.

Furthermore, the XPS™ design enables X-ray or CT scanning to be done during the ongoing EVLP evaluation without interrupting the procedure. XPS™ has a user-friendly graphic interface with touchscreen functionality and data capture of the lung’s values during the entire EVLP procedure provides the basis for analysis and evaluation before a final clinical decision to use of the organ. XPS™ with STEEN Solution™ enables more lungs to be used for transplantation, which means that more patients with severe lung disease are given higher quality of life and a longer life.

XPS™ has been used with good clinical results at leading clinics in the USA within the framework of the NOVEL study. EVLP with STEEN Solution™ has been used in more than 300 lung transplantations at almost 30 clinics, for example in Vienna, Paris and Toronto, and has displayed stable results there similar to those that XVIVO Perfusion recently published from the American NOVEL study (see press release of March 21, 2014).

“We can now meet our customers’ wishes for a flexible and safe system for EVLP. The good clinical results and the large number of transplantations performed using STEEN Solution™ and the Toronto method have resulted in the great interest that we encounter among clinics in Europe,” says XVIVO Perfusion’s CEO Magnus Nilsson.

March 31, 2014
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)
Magnus Nilsson

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