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XVIVO to advance their digital...

XVIVO to advance their digital transformation journey in partnership with the world-leading Cleveland Clinic to increase the number of successful lung transplants

XVIVO and the Cleveland Clinic in the US have entered a partnership in advanced analytics, XPS Live, using lung perfusion data from XVIVO’s XPS machines. Extracted data from lung perfusion procedures will be analyzed as aggregated data to provide significant insights. Deciding if a marginal lung should be accepted for a transplant is not always obvious. By creating a data-driven model surgical teams can make better informed decisions, and in turn increase confidence in using more marginal lungs.

Within the partnership, Cleveland Clinic will serve as the main development partner for the XPS Live project as they have data from more than 100 successfully perfused lung transplants. That data will form an advanced analysis base to establish a prescriptive model supporting surgical teams in making evidence-based decisions.

The long-term goal for XPS Live is to create a data-driven model including data from all XPS machines globally. Connected clinics will be able to make better informed decisions when sharing and having access to all available insights. Data will be available as easy-to-read real-time dashboards.

The construction of an advanced analytical model involves two main types of statistics. First, data for deeper organ insights, thus biomarkers on lungs at XPS machine perfusion. Second, predicted data, called predictor, which is the lung transplant outcome data extracted from patients’ medical records. The combination of the two datasets allows for the creation of an advanced model which provide surgical teams with insights to make evidence-based decisions including patient data from post-transplant complications.

The prescriptive model will facilitate surgical teams to faster develop their skills in organ evaluation to make better informed decisions that will increase usage of marginal lungs and by that save more lives.

“Solid data-driven analysis combined with personal experience is the way forward to accept more marginal lungs. The team at Cleveland has extensive experience in machine perfusion and have so far been very successful. However, one should always want to improve and develop, and if the whole team can make even better informed decisions using XPS Live I believe we can save more lives. This partnership with XVIVO will benefit us all” says Dr. Kenneth McCurry, MD at Cleveland Clinic in the US.

“XVIVO has always been in the forefront of innovation and collaboration. Therefore, it is natural for us to expand our digital transformation with a partnership. Lung perfusion is where our business started and also where we have the most data. Dr. McCurry and his team are world-renowned for their successful lung transplant program and we are very proud to deepen our relationship with this very important project. XPS Live will enable more lungs to be transplanted”, says Dag Andersson, CEO of XVIVO.
May 18, 2022
Dag Andersson, CEO
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)

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