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XVIVO’s patents for the heart...

XVIVO’s patents for the heart preservation fluid approved in the US and Europe

XVIVO’s patent for the heart preservation fluid has been approved in the US and Europe. Canada has already approved this patent. XVIVO has also previously received a patent for the heart evaluation equipment in Europe, Australia, Canada and China. The review of the patent application for the heart evaluation equipment is in its final stages in the US. Together these patents strengthen XVIVO’s position in the heart transplantation field on all major markets in the world.

XVIVO has two main patents in the field of heart transplantation. The first of these covers the preservation fluid that is used in heart preservation and the other covers important parts of the evaluation equipment that is to be used for heart evaluation after preservation, but before transplantation. Patent applications have been submitted from both of these patent families recently.

These patents strengthens XVIVO´s position in the field of heart transplantation. Patents are important in XVIVO’s research-intensive business areas and not only entail a temporary monopoly situation for XVIVO’s products, but can also be important in discussions with potential collaboration partners and to give XVIVO freedom in its further research and product development.

“It is positive that these patents have been approved on important markets in the world. This means that the company will continue to invest in products for both preservation and evaluation of the heart with even greater confidence,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of XVIVO Perfusion.

May 2, 2019
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)
Magnus Nilsson, CEO 

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