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Annual General Meeting of XVIV...

Annual General Meeting of XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)

The shareholders of XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ), corporate identity number 556561-0424 (“the Company”), are hereby invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of shareholders on Friday April 27, 2018 at 13.00 at the Company’s premises at Mässans gata 10 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Shareholders who wish to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must:
– be entered in their own name (not through a nominee) in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB (“Euroclear”) on Friday April 20, 2018 and

– notify their attendance so that the Company is in receipt thereof no later than Monday April 23, 2018. Notification of attendance shall be sent to Kristoffer Nordström, either in writing to XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ), Box 53015, SE-400 14 Gothenburg, Sweden, by telephone +46 735 19 21 64, by fax +46 31 788 21 69 or by e-mail to kristoffer.nordstrom@xvivoperfusion.com.

When notifying, shareholders should state their full name and preferably their personal identity number or corporate identity number (or the equivalent), address, telephone number, registered shareholding, details of any advisors (no more than two) and where appropriate details of a representative or proxy. For shareholders who are represented by another party, the original of a proxy signed and dated by the shareholder should be sent together with the notification. A proxy form is available at www.xvivoperfusion.com. Any party representing a legal entity must produce a witnessed copy of the certificate of incorporation or equivalent authorization documents showing the authorized signatory for the company.

In order to be entitled to attend the AGM, shareholders whose shares are registered through a bank, a private securities broker or some other nominee must temporarily re-register their shares in their own name in the share register maintained by Euroclear. In order for such re-registration to be entered in the register of shareholders on Friday April 20, 2018, shareholders should well in advance before this date instruct their nominees to effect such re-registration.

Proposed agenda

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Election of the chairman of the meeting
3. Preparation and approval of the voting list
4. Approval of the agenda
5. Election of one or two persons to verify the minutes together with the chairman
6. Consideration of whether the meeting has been duly convened
7. Presentation by the CEO
8. Presentation of the annual accounts, the audit report, the consolidated annual accounts and the audit report for the Group for the financial year 2017
9. Resolution on
a. the adoption of the income statement and the balance sheet as well as the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet;
b. the allocation of the Company’s profit and
c. the discharge from liability of the Board of Directors and the CEO regarding administration of the Company during 2017
10. Report from the Election Committee on its work
11. Determination of the number of Board members and deputy Board members
12. Determination of remuneration to the Board and auditor
13. Election of Board members and the Chairman of the Board
14. Determination of procedure for appointment of the Election Committee
15. Resolution on guidelines for remuneration to executive management
16. Resolution on the issue of warrants to employees in the XVIVO Perfusion Group
17. Resolution to authorize the Board to resolve to issue new shares
18. Resolution to authorize the Board to resolve on acquisition of the Company’s own shares
19. Closing of the meeting

Attachment: Full notice

March 22, 2018
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)
The Board

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